11.3, nvidia & dual screen

I had dual screen config (large desktop) going on 11.2 with proprietary nvidia driver without problems.

After upgrade to 11.3 this didin’t work. I was not able to find a way to configure nouveau drivers, and it was stuck in the ‘twinview’ mode, so decided to install binary nvidia instead (the ‘hard way’). Took me a while to figure out ‘nomodeset’ thing, but in the end drivers were installed successfully. The problem now is that only monitor displays anything, and I can’t find the nvidia control panel to activate second monitor and extend the desktop there.

Used to be able to install nvidia control panel easily in 11.2 with one-click install, but for 11.3 the page says that the one-click install buttons aren’t ready yet (SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE)

So my question is ‘how to get dual screen going and extend my desktop to second screen using 11.3 and nvidia 210 card’ ? And I don’t care whether it’s nouveau or proprietary drivers, as long as it’s easy to configure and it works.



The nvidia control panel is installed for you if you loaded the binary driver. In KDE it was placed in the menu/Applications category. The program is called/located at /usr/bin/nvidia-settings. You can add it manually to your menu or on the desktop though I do not know where its default icon is located at.

Thank You,

If you don’t find nvidia-settings you can try:

$ whereis nvidia-settings

thanks guys, nvidia-settings did it. somehow it disappeared from the main menu after upgrade.