11.3 no activation of 3d effects in kwin with mesa

It was ok with Mesa 7.6.1:(
I think 11.3 has Mesa 7.7
My card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
I even dont wanna think about official ati drivers cuz its performance is so slow without no-backfill patch>:)
now how can I fix it?
What are my options?:slight_smile:

As stated elseawhere, you’re doing things on an OS that does not even have a beta status, it’s a Milestone release. Any solution available on stable systems may not work due to bugs elsewhere. I might help you out today to face a variant of the problem tomorrow.

Don’t know why you’re running 11.3, IMHO you should be bug-reporting to the devs at openSUSE. 11.3 is just for testing purposes.

How can you fix it? Honest answer? Buy an NVIDIA card, install 11.2 on one partition to have a stable OS to compare things to, install Factory on another to experiment.

Mind, it’s not linux/openSUSE that lets you down on ATI, it’s ATI that lets you down. The only way to make them know is not buying or replacing their products.

I am running it for just test and look around :slight_smile:
Anyway I will go back 11.2
But you are right, I wont buy an Ati card again.

by the way it works with no mistake or something
but this one :frowning:

You’d run into more. I ran Factory for a couple of years until 11.2 came out. Experiences varied from incredibly stable and robust, to completely unbootable. These days I don’t have the time.