11.3 Network install in VMWare using Easy Install problems...

I wanted to kick 11.3’s tires without risking my already stable 11.1 installation, and without DLing the entire DVD, so I decided to do a Network Install inside VMWare.
The Easy Install option auto-selected and didn’t work so well. (I’m thinking I should have chosen the “I’ll install OS later” option, and maybe gotten “normal” boot behavior and setup options.

So EasyInstall asks for username/passwd to use and goes off to the races. When it gets to the point where it is going to reboot and finish the install, it comes up to a text-console login. No KDE.
Fine, login as the created user? Nope, user acct was not created. Login as root worked.
Manually issued “startx” and got into KDE.
Went to YAST>>System>>Runlevels and found that XDM and XDM-quickstart were not enabled.
I enabled them, then created my desired user-account, then rebooted.

Upon that reboot, everything seems to be okay.
So…There is a problem somewhre. Dunno if the problem is with OpenSUSE11.3’s Network install or the VMWare EasyInstall process, but was able to make it work.