11.3 Milestone 6 Virtualbox

After “loading kernel linux” it appears a black screen and nothing happens… Virtualbox is working perfect with other OS, it’s the first time I encounter a problem like this!

I’m downloading the Live CD now, but I’d like to solve this problem!

Are you running off of the milestone 6 image on the hard drive? If so, you may want to unmount the image in virtualbox and try again.

You also might want to try the new beta version of VirtualBox. It supports X server 1.8 and newer kernels.

Same problem here. Newest Beta of VBOX (3.20 Beta3 / Suse 11.2 64 Bit Host / Phenom X3) doesnt work with all builds of suse 11.13.

M6 works properly with Qemu 0.12.x/KVM and VMPlayer 3.1 on the same host.

That seems rather odd that it’s just with Virtualbox that you’re having problems…I have M6 running in Virtualbox with version 3.1.6 r59338 with a 64-bit host, and 64-bit client.

How much space did you give to your virtual machine? I’ve had problems in Virtualbox when I have the default 8Gb partition, and a separate root and home partition. Try installing with a single partition.

I’m running Virtualbox (not -ose) 3.18 on 11.3 M6 apparently without problems (guest OS is WindowsXP) but I did arrive at M6 by upgrading through the milestones, so might well be different from a clean install. The vb was downloaded directly from the Sun vb site. I have been unable to connect to a usb printer (HiTi dye-sub printer with no Linux driver) but I get the impression that maybe vb doesn’t (yet) support the usb printer class? However, I should probably raise this in a separate thread.

Just use YaST to add yourself to vboxusers to enable usb.

Thanks for the suggestion pilotgi but I’m already a vboxuser. Actually, ordinary mass-storage devices like usb memory sticks are visible/usable, but when a printer is plugged in, the usb icon at the base of the vbox window shows it (the printer) greyed out and marked “unavailable” - hence my thinking that this usb class is not yet supported. Is the 3.2 beta version of virtualbox available generally or only to developers?

Now I’m having problems with the KDE live 64-bit version of M7 on Virtualbox 3.2. The download was verified with md5 and sha1. Go figure…:stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone else has the same problem, install using the full screen mode. The resolution expects you to have a widescreen monitor, which I do not.