11.3 M1 KDE Live with low memory

Hi, this is for informational purposes, no cry for help.

I prepared the Live CD (checksum ok) and booted it on a low RAM Shuttle xpc with 512 MB memory. Somewhat to my surprise it does boot to the KDE screen (albeit very slow). On the first try the screen froze when a popup window said something like ‘starting akonadi daemon’; on the second try I could open a terminal window, but later it froze again when I launched NetworkManager.

There was a message in the terminal, but it’s only partly readable because it is covered by another window. I can read:

Message from sys
 kernel: 1239.5

Anyway, 512MB is not recommended. I will refrain from adding more mem for the time to do some further testing.

This unfortunately is the problem with using a Live CD with less than 1Gb RAM. I did in fact get the 11.2 Live CD to boot on a machine with only 256Mb but it took a long time. However, once it had installed, it was OK.

If there is an option to install directly, and you don’t mind taking the risk, it should install OK but you will be restricted to a very limited number of KDE special effects.

Bear in mind that this is very early version; so you may meet other problems.

Thanks John. Of course I know that this is M1 and what that means. This is why I want to run some tests. If it blows anything, I don’t mind.

I added some generous swap and tried again with KDE. It still freezes, preferrably within NetworkManager and KWallet.

I am now running some tests in runlevel 3. So far everything is within the green range here. If you have some ideas what to test in runlevel 3 with low memory please tell me. Compiling mysql perhaps? lol!

BTW: I noticed that there is no initrd file in /boot, just a broken link to it. Is this because the file is deleted after use to make some space?

As M2 is out today, you may be better trying that.

As of today I can only see M1. I will hop to M2 once it comes out.