11.3 KDE won't save display setting

Installed 11.3 KDE today on an old Vaio desktop we were given (Duron 900Mhz, 512mb, 40Gb HD, SiS630 onboard video, Trinitron 15" monitor). Everything works fine except it will not save the 800x600 resolution setting. Every time I reboot it is back to 1280x1024 which it thinks is the default resolution.

Any tweak to get 11.3 to save that setting?


If I had a dollar for everone who’s ever asked this question!


You can put the ‘Preferred Mode’ entry in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-monitor.conf like this


This thread discusses how to set the required display mode using xrandr in a script that executes upon login. With the introduction of KDE 4.6, it should finally be possible to make perpetual adjustments via the System Settings control panel.

Thanks for the reply. Just getting back into trying openSUSE (played with 11.2 last fall for a bit). Just curious why would 11.3 think the default resolution would be so high? 128mb of shared graphics memory and a 15" monitor usually doesn’t scream high res.


Could be the system is not reading the monitor correctly. A 15 inch Trinitron is a bit old and may not handshake as expected. Thus the system may think it is a higher end monitor.