11.3 : KDE resources & Akonadi calendar

Hi there,

A quick post for a stupid problem : I can’t get Kontact to get my google calendar because I can’t add my akonadi configured google calendar to the KDE resources.

Akonadi runs fine (so says the “test” button). I created a google calendar (“akonadi_gcal_resource_3”). No problems.
Then I want to add it as a KDE resource : (my version is in french, so forgive me if the menu is not correctly translated here) System configuration → advanced tab → KDE Resources. In the scrolling menu, I choose calendar, hit “add”, select the first item (“Akonadi (provides an access to the calendar stored blablabla”).
That’s were it becomes strange : I get a new window (Resources configuration - System Configuration) where a list of the available calendars is supposed to be displayed. It says that if the list is empty, I might have to add a calendar source by clicking on “manage the calendar sources”.
Since my calendar list is actually empty, I do that. A new window pops up, with my “akonadi_gcal_resource_3”, but whatever I do, it won’t add it to the list of the previous window. If I click add, I will create a new akonadi calendar (which I won’t be able to add to the list, as with the existing one). If I click “modify” it will ask me again for my login and password for the google calendar, then saying that they are incorrect until I restart the akonadi server. If I click delete, it … deletes the calendar. And, enventually, if I click “close”, it closes this window, bringing me back to the previous one, without having added any calendar at all to this bloody list.

I managed to get it once, pretty much randomly, but since there has been a libcal update, I had to delete my akonadi calendar cause it wouldn’t sync anymore, and I’m stuck again …

Any help would be much appreciated …



Ok folks.
I managed to get it done yesterday by double-right-clicking on my “akonadi_gcal_resource_3” in the widow that pops up when you press the “manage the calendar resources” button. Strange, but it did add it to the list of available calendars …



i puzzled over this too and like you managed to get it added, but haven’t been able to make it sync. I can see it trying to contact , but it never returns anything.

there was a selection area in the setup that gave some choices (seems like it was iCard or vCard) which i had no idea and went with the default.

if you finally got yours working, what setting did you use for this parameter?

To me, vcard sounds like a contact resource thing, not a calendar. As to the settings I used (for my calendar), I also choose the default one : “Akonadi” … It asked for a username (saying it would automatically add the “@gmail” at the end) and a password.

This said, my solution is not perfect : presently, each time I try to modify or add a contact, or my calendar, Kontact freezes … I suppose there is a mess between Kontact and Akonadi.



A quick post to say that I recently upgraded my 11.3 to KDE 4.5.5/Kontact 4.4.9, and that it didn’t solve the problem, which I find very frustrating : I can create the calendar, I can see it in the pop-up window, but can’t find a way to add it to the calendar sources !
This time, if I double right click on it, it’s like I clicked on the “modify” button : I have to retype my login and password …

Any idea ?



I had problems with this when initially configuring Akonadi Google resources.

The solution I found was to change KDE’s Proxy Setting. In System Settings|Network Settings|Proxy change Automatically detect proxy configuration to Connect to the Internet directly.

This overcomes the login failure and should allow the resource to synchronise.

Neil Darlow

I upgraded to 11.4, and I still do have the very same problem. Except that now instead of System configuration -> advanced tab -> KDE Resources it’s System Configuration -> personal data (or information, I don’t know how it’s translated in english).
I did a screenshot to sum up the problem : how do I manage to add the calendar displayed in the far right window in the one in the middle ??

NB : this applies as well to akonadi google contacts.



Did you manage to solve it? I face exactly the same problem as you do.

Interesting detail: KMail offers address auto completion based on my GroupDAV contacs, so the Akonadi address book is obviously working. BUT the address book is empty when I open it, the same as my calendar is.

Did you manage to solve it?

Nope :frowning:

Glad to see that I’m not the only one having this issue though. It makes me feel a little less dumb.
AAMOF I feel completely useless : there MUST be a way to do it, it seems to me like they just forgot to add a “add this resource” button on the last window!
I use gcaldaemon in the meantime, but that’s stupid : people have developed apparently powerful and well integrated tools …

I posted on KDE french forum, to no avail. I’ll try on the english one.
Let us know if you find any lead on this …