11.3 - KDE - Konsole Fails to Start (Ever Again) After First Use

Konsole (when in root) fails to start up after it is used once (i.e., opened, work performed, closed/terminated). Bouncing cursor does its thing on second and subsequent uses, but times out normally and Konsole window never appears. Stock install from DVD. Anyone else had this problem?

Konsole (when in root)
What do you mean?

A root terminal or logged in as root user?

Logged on as root.

You should never login as root.
Only login as user and use su -

@caf4926: I should at least thank you for the courtesy of responding to my post, before I blast you!

I’m getting rather sick and tired of folks responding to posts without adding one iota of solution, or remedial action, to the issue posted. Every time someone uses the words “as root”, it seems to act as a magnet for anti-root comments to come out of the woodwork.

I know the risks. I have also operated as root most of my Linux life, which exceeds 10 years. If you have a mission in life to convert folks to the anti-root dark side, so be it; your life would be much easier with just a link to the official, perpetual screed on the dangers of unsafe root usage. It would prolong the skin on your fingertips immensely.

Meanwhile, do you have anything to suggest vis-a-vis the issue I raised, or should I just accept the problem before I’m avalanched by a plethora of anti-root sentiment?

yeah… no comment some administrators are… administrators.
Even if he ( caf4926) is right i understand your frustration when it comes to solve problems.
Regarding your problem: try deleting/moving the konsole folder /root/.kde4/share/apps/ (not sure if that is the corect path)

Also you may want to read: http://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Login_as_root

Trouble is I can’t try it and don’t plan to… :-))
And you’ll probably be hard pushed finding someone from the dark side that will. Unless they have it in a Virtual Box sandbox perhaps.

For all I know you from your opening post you could still be ‘wet behind the ears’, but apparently not.

That about does it for me, I’m bleeding at the fingertips now. :stuck_out_tongue: