11.3 KDE 4.4 xmms2?

I installed xmms2 from the packman repo. I doesn’t show up in the launch menu. If I try and start it from the CLI I get the following

flamebait@fuuyuu:~> xmms2
This program is deprecated and will be replaced by nyxmms2.
 Consider setting runnycli to 'true' in config file to get future behaviour
 (or set iknowoldcliisdeprecatedandwillgoaway to 'true' to hide this warning)
The config file is located at:
Available commands:
  add - adds a URL to the playlist
  addarg - adds one URL with arguments to the playlist
  addid - adds a Medialib id to the playlist
  insert - inserts one URL at a specific position
  insertid - inserts one Medialib id at a specific position
  radd - adds a directory recursively to the playlist
  rinsert - inserts a directory recursively at a specific position
  clear - clears the playlist
  shuffle - shuffles the playlist
  sort - sort the playlist; use a space delimiter for multiple properties
  remove - removes something from the playlist
  list - lists the playlist
  addpls - Adds the contents of a playlist file to the playlist
  play - starts playback
  stop - stops playback
  toggleplay - toggles playback status between play/pause
  pause - pause playback
  next - play next song
  prev - play previous song
  seek - seek to a specific place in current song
  jump - take a leap in the playlist
  move - move a entry in the playlist
  volume - set volume for a channel
  volume_list - list volume levels for each channel
  mlib - medialib manipulation - type 'xmms2 mlib' for more extensive help
  playlist - playlist manipulation - type 'xmms2 playlist' for more extensive help
  coll - collection manipulation - type 'xmms2 coll' for more extensive help
  browse - browse server file lists
  status - go into status mode
  info - information about current entry
  current - formatted information about the current entry
  config - set a config value
  config_list - list all config values
  plugin_list - list all plugins loaded in the server
  stats - get statistics from server
  quit - make the server quit
  help - print help about a command

I do not understand this output.
Is it possible to run xmms2 with the GUI in KDE .4.4? If so how?

I am not sure what you are trying to do, but the file descriptions say you have only a CLI interface using xmms2. The error message was suggesting you run nyxmms2, instead of xmms2.

The file list of executable is as follows:

xmms2 - A modular audio framework and plugin architecture


There is mention of two files that use xmms2 and they were gxmms2 or esperanza, per the description, but these programs only seem to be available for Fedora as best as I could find.

Thank You,

I did try to execute nyxmms2 but it’s not installed and a simple search in YAST didn’t find it.

Audacious is eating 25% of my CPU while running. It’s really got some bloat problems. I was trying to find a MP3/FLAC player that doesn’t try to take over my media like that POS Amarok.
xmms integrates with xchat and can report what I am listening to. Audacious will too but it is a poor replacement for xmms.

Unlike xmms, xmms2 is just a backend with no graphical interface. There are some xmms2 frontends, but as far as I know none of them are stable or could be used as a replacement for xmms (haven’t checked that for a while, though).

It’s one of the reasons I am still using SuSE 11.2. I suppose I will switch to mpd with my next SuSE (which is also just a backend w/o GUI).

Well xmms is pretty long in the tooth. I could use it with the CLI but I won’t :wink:

I’ll stick with Audacious for now.