11.3 KDE 4.4 Dictionary widget

When I try and configure the dictionary widget nothing happens.

I want to make the dictionary act like the one I had on openSUSE 11.1. As it is it doesn’t guess the words I am trying to get the correct spelling for at all. The old one was pretty good at it. It looked at a online dictionary and usually got me the correct spelling for the word I was looking for. This one fails 99% of the time. It’s pretty useless.

The list of available dictionaries for English is pretty sparse in the software repository too. :’(

I suspect you will need to make a request for an enhancement on the KDE bugzilla. For what programs do you need this? I find the built in dictionaries in OpenOffice and LyX, which I use most for writing, are pretty good.

I actually use this to get correct spellings for webforms and IRC. I am a very poor speller. Mozilla will show you have a wrong spelling but it doesn’t correct it ( and I don’t want it too.) xchat will gladly allow you to misspell words with no remorse.

Firefox here checks spelling and if you right click gives choice of spellings. I’m still running 11.2 and FF 3.5 here though.