11.3 Half booting...

My laptop threw a wobbly recently (same time as kernel update?) I have got it to find the old kernel, but it still won’t boot…

It’s a 11.3 install, dual-booted with XP. The /boot partition is in the root partition - sda7.

Currently it’s dropping to a shell prompt, with the following error:

Mounting root /dev/sda7
mount -o rw,acl, user_xattr -t swap /dev/sda7 /root
Mount: unknown filesystem type ‘swap’
could not mount root filesystem – exiting to /bin/sh

Any ideas? Why is it trying to mount sda7 as swap? (not in fstab like that)


You would need to validate your statement with the contents of /etc/fstab

OK, it was in fstab thus:

/dev/sda7 / ext3 defaults 1 1

I found the problem, though: device.map was set to sda7; thus everything was being indexed from sda7, not ‘sda’.

Thanks for reading,

  • Simon R.