11.3 grub bootproblem MRB vs root partition


First upgrade to 11.3 no problem. Then I got a disk issue. so got an old 80 gig sata drive, config new partition table, format etc. Install perfect as ever.

Then grub failed …no grub menue.

I changed to MRB boot. this worked but initrd takes a long time and sometime hangs ?!?
What could be the issue ? Harddrive?!?

thanks and cheers Otto

Could be a problem with the drive, as you mention that it is old. I recommend running your HDD manufacturer’s diagnostics utility (Seatools for Seagate, Data Lifeguard for WD) and run a full surface test.

alternatively, if you hit ESC during the boot process, you’ll get a text console telling ou what Suse’s doing - and probably, where it hangs/slows down. Post this info here…


Hi thanks for the technical hints I will keep these in mind.

I solved the problem buying a WD velocity raptor 150GB 10000rpm. It runs like a dream the speed difference is remarkable !!!
Since I always run the OS on a separate disk I retrieved all my data including hidden files !
I have two 500 GB sata drives I installed SW raid 1. to do this I had to delete my normal user account.
then i created my user account, loaded all user data (took a while). Reboot and all my setting (including windows decoration, mail ect) where avaiable. No data loss at all !

Again the performance difference is remarkable !

Cheers Otto

By the way the installation on the velocity raptor defaulted to MBR for boot…and I had the same grub/boot problems with the 500gb drives. So again the tech hints are very welcome !
cheers Otto

Glad you made it work - a fast disk can make quite some difference.
I personally wouldn’t bother with a raid, though.