11.3 - Grub 2

Do we know yet if the 11.3 release is going to come with Grub2?


I think 11.3 will come with version 0.97 of grub.

Whats the benefit of Grub2 over Grub?

Has Mr. Williams got something wrong?:
#308497: Update to GRUB v2

#10: Robert H. Williams (robhwill) (2010-04-24 08:12) [reply] (latest comment) Hooray!! grub 0.97…bye-bye!!! …]
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Just to ensure there is no confusion … to the best of my knowledge, openSUSE-11.3 will come with grub-0.97. The milestone5 of 11.3 came with v.0.97 of grub and I seriously doubt a different grub version would be introduced this late in the milestone release cycle.

Hence, to the best of my knowledge, openSUSE-11.3 will come with grub-0.97.

A grub2 development snapshot is in the milestone;

“This is the second version of the GRUB (Grand Unified Bootloader), a
highly configurable and customizable bootloader with modular
architecture. It support rich scale of kernel formats, file systems,
computer architectures and hardware devices. PLEASE NOTE: This is a
development snapshot, and as such will not replace grub if you install
it, but will be merely added as another kernel to your existing GRUB
menu. Do not replace GRUB (grub package) with it unless you know what
are you doing. Refer to README.openSUSE file that is part of this
package’s documentation for more information.”

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I was more curious than anything, thanks guys


On 26/04/10 19:46, assas1n wrote:
> Whats the benefit of Grub2 over Grub?

Apparently Grub Legacy is unmaintainable due to the state of the code.
Here’s an introduction:


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FrontPage - GRUB Wiki :

GRUB Legacy

GRUB Legacy is a synonym of version 0.9x. GRUB Legacy provides rich features, but it has many design and implementation faults. GRUB Legacy is not maintained any longer. If you want more features, please use GRUB 2.
If you want to write information about GRUB Legacy, please do in GrubLegacy.

GRUB 2 is the next generation of GNU GRUB. GRUB 2 is a complete rewrite and is at a developmental phase. The most important goal is to make GNU GRUB cleaner, safer, more robust, more portable and more powerful.
GRUB 2 is actively developed. If you have problems with it, then please try the current BZR version (the SVN repository will no longer be updated) before reporting bugs. NOTE: The BZR repo doesn’t support source-browsing, so you’ll need to get a copy of the repo with bzr branch Index of /r/grub/trunk/grub.

So GRUB 2 will come but not likely in 11.3 ?
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Hope nobody has taken my last posting as an offense:.

It’s at least 10 years since I heard a talk about the new bootloader called GRUB that was intended to replace LILO and a lot of things have changed about hardware since then.

I was wondering if anybody could send me an inv1te devinrhode2 <@> gm@il.com note the altered spelling.

Honestly, I have not been a fan of grub two. For example, adding menu entries.

W/ legacy you could just gedit the your menu.lst save, and you good to go.

W/ Grub two, you have to make an entry from scratch in your custom_40 file, save it, and than type update grub, which will than update your menu.lst file. For someone such as my self who am new to linux (and bootloaders) this is an extra step, and it seems that the entry is made different, gues I’ll have to really get used to grub2 if legacy is no longer supported.

…Just my opinion (and an example)… but hey, what do I know :slight_smile:

(also, sorry for taking so long to come back to this thread, had to leave the country for a business emergency)…

As always, thanks guys