11.3 gnome, keyboard dead after adding new keyboard layout in gnome in control center


I am running opensuse11.3 with the default version of gnome. I am having trouble with the keyboard when adding another keyboard layout in gnomes control center. The default layout is german. This works.

As soon as I add another layout say “US american”, or any other the keyboard is no longer usable at all. When you type simply nothing happens, eg in a console window. No key appears any longer when typing. The mouse is ok. If I change to the linux console (ALT-F1) the keyboard is still ok, however in gnome its dead even after logging out and in again. Even if you remove the newly added layout in gnome control center, the keyboard remains dead.
The only thing that helps is recursively removing the $HOME/.gconf* directories. Then the keyboard has its default settings again and does work in gnome.

Any idea what the problem could be?


I have no idea what the problem is (using KDE myself), but: does it work when you change the keyboard layout with Yast → System → Language ?

Just tried to set the language (and keyboard layout) to us english in yast. This works partly. This way I can get another layout: Afterwards I have an english keyboard layout which is good, but as soon as I decide to add another layout the keyboard is dead again. So this problem does not depend on the initial german keyboard layout.


but as soon as I decide to add another layout the keyboard is dead again.

When you say “add”, do you mean “change” with Gnome Control Center? Can anyone using Gnome confirm this behaviour? If yes, this is probably a case to be reported to https://bugzilla.novell.com/index.cgi

Yes I really ment “add”. So afterwards in the control centers keyboard layout dialog I have to layouts listed, eg German and US. The sequence of both does not seem to matter for me.