11.3 boot warning : vsftpd

In /var/log/warn I can see :

Jul 18 19:29:41 Linux1 SuSEfirewall2: Warning: config 'vsftpd' not available

I did install vsftpd, but I removed it and install pure-ftpd instead.

How can I get rid of this warning ?

This is just a guess.
Did you stop vsftpd properly before deinstallation (in YaST > System > System services (runlevel) (this holds only true if vsftpd is in that list, pure-ftp is).

It never run (maybe because I badly configured it), that’s why I uninstalled it and switch back to pure-ftpd. I however checked in System Services; it’s not listed.
(I saw that the xinetd was running, althought it is disable in Yast. I switched this service off in hope this will solve an error I saw while booting.)

I am poking a bit in the dark and the followinf sceanario seems possible to me, but I may on the wrong.

It was installed (and thus in the YaST list we are talkiing about). You did try things, which means, you could have started it and because YaST is clever guy/girl it also tells the susefirewall to open ports for vsftpd then. When you remmove vsftpd, it is just lost to YaST andYaST never got a change to tell the firewall to close the posrts. It is the only explenation I have about te firewall knowing about vsftpd.

BTW you did stop xintd because it was switched on in YaST, that means that it was running. That again means that there is something for xinetd to serve, because xinetd does not start when it has nothing to do and YaST then switches it off again. Thus it might be interesting to look in YaST > Network services > Networkservices (xinetd) to see what is there switched on.

No mention of vsftpd in Yast > Firewall, but …
I found the file /ets/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2 . There was a line in there:

FW_CONFIGURATIONS_EXT="pure-ftpd vsftpd"

I removed the vsftpd, and I’m going to reboot to see if the warning is still there…

It’s while booting I can see an error message about failed service like kbd and xinetd . I was wondering why as xinetd is not activated.

From Yast > Network services > xinetd , only the inactive button is checked, everything else is grayed. If I activate it, I can see no service active anyway.
(Maybe again somewhere deeper in a config file ??)

Thanks for trying to help.

Ok. I can confirm that the vsftpd warning has now gone. So SOLVED ! (Well, there are still other warning messages in /var/log/warn , but that’s another story and I don’t care for now.)

xinetd is gone as well from the “failed service” error message at boot. (But I still have the error for kbd and nscd.)

Nice you found those interesting places/facts. Warnings are often just that: warnings. When you know why they are there, nothing to bother about and no need to get them removed.