11.3 and ATI X1400

I have an Inspiron 9400 with the ATI X1400 video card.

I did an upgrade from OpenSuse 11.2 to 11.3.

I had early problems that were solved by adding the “nomodeset” boot option.

I am using the radeonhd X11 driver and I do not have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

I am seeing occasional (often when switching desktops) display corruption that I
never saw with 11.2

How can I fix this?

I have exactly the same problem also using ATI X1400 video in my laptop… I am using the “radeon” driver for 2D and R300 classic (7.8.2) driver for 3D. It works, but with noticeable display glitches.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell - and I have done much research - there is no solution. ATI do not make a proprietary driver for this “legacy” rage of video cards (also known as the R500 series) and the OSS drivers I am using are the best available.

Read this, and the included links for more details:-
openSUSE Lizards » ATI HD57xxx fglrx drivers under 11.3

So, as I see it, I have three options: (1) Revert to openSUSE 11.2 (graphics were crystal clear), (2) put up with it and hope that the driver gets improved, or (3) buy a new laptop without ATI video. This one is 4 years old now!

Can’t really be bothered with (1). At the moment it’s (2) but soon it might be (3)!

If anyone can come up with anything else, I will be pleased to hear!

If you adopt approach (1) or (2), I recommend you write a bug report on 11.3’s graphics for your hardware. If you find other distributions with a 2.6.32 or newer kernel and xorg-1.8.0 don’t have the same problem(s) then also mention that in your bug report. If one “just hopes that the driver gets improved” without contributing, the odds of actually getting a fix are much less than if one contributes toward a bug report, and adds information as much as one can. openSUSE:Submitting bug reports - openSUSE

I’ve come to pretty much the same conclusion. I did a fresh install of 11.3 and got rid of the display problems because it used the radeon driver. At the same time, I can run the radeonhd driver just by adding “nomodeset” to my boot options.

I guess I’ll wait and see if either driver gets better. I’ve got a nice 1920x1200 screen. I don’t appreciate being forced to replace my laptop.