11.3 64b nvidia kde4 : font color bug in konsole

As shown in title on opensuse 11.3, i use kde4 with nvidia driver activated (nomodeset in grub), and desktop effects activated.
I love to have htop runing on my desktop all the time so that i can keep an eye on what’s going on. And i love to use the Fixed [Misc] font in the minimum size available so that i can see the maximum information in the same window.
The problem is that, though it worked perfectly before on any previous opensuse version, it suddenly has a bug for every word with a different color displayed in the konsole terminal.
It looks like every word in the normal terminal color is displayed correctly in the right font size, but any character in color is not readable because it is displayed in a bigger font size.
Is it a known bug ?
Is there quick fix/tweak to have the right behaviour ?
Shall i file a bug report ?

PS : I made a snapshot so that you can see it , but i don’t know how to attach an image to this message.

Was this an upgrade or a clean install?

It’s a clean install.

And i have been looking to the problem closer.
I looks like htop and bash in konsole want to display some character in bold instead of normal. Therefore, for the font i like , Fixed [Misc], in size 3 bold is not possible : the smallest size possible for this font is 7 in bold. So Every character that htop or bash wants to display in bold is unreadable because they try to display in size “7 bold” when everything around is “3 normal” .

So the question becomes :
Is it possible to prevent htop , bash and other termianl apps to use these too large bold character ?

I know that for opensuse 11.1/KDE3 htop doesn’t use any bold character and i really like it.

I made a new thread as the title is not anymore telling what the real problem is :
11.3 kde4 how to prevent konsole/htop/bash to use bold character ?

To explain more accurately what i mean here are two scrennshots :