11.2, X-FI, partial sound

hi, i’m not a 1st day linux noob but not quite a novice either, w/ that here it is.
i installed my x-fi platinum, into my 11.2 system, no sound, downloaded the new alsa driver -ran make then su and make install & ./configure - not sure it went in right. rebooted, and got the system startup sound, YaY right ? no. No other sounds after that, went to Yast to check and it only shows my onboard sound (that doesn’t work). When i try to add the x-fi if tells me there’s no driver even though i heard it. i ran the /usr/sbin/alsa-info.sh and it see’s the card but not correctly. i was thinking it might be a permission issue or i didn’t install correctly. Here’s my output:
thank you in advance for the help.

forgot to put in here, using KDE4 also have gnome installed but havn’t used it yet, 32 bit sys. and installed from 11.2 DVD. Used Old Cpu’s one clicks i found to install all media playback software. dont’ have a video card at the momtent but will be using a gforce 7600 soon.

The program “alsaconf” is depreciated and can not be used anymore (as of 11.2) for configuring one’s sound, as alsaconf creates an /etc/modprobe.d/sound file, where that file is no longer recognized by openSUSE as of version 11.2.

In addition YaST, which will create a proper /etc/modprobe.d/50-sound.conf file, has not been updated to handle X-FI.

BUT the 1.0.21 version of alsa that comes with openSUSE, and that is also included with the 2.6.31 kernel, will work with X-FI.

But what you need to do now, is go into /etc/modprobe.d directory and remove the file 50-sound.conf that YaST inappropriately created. Do not use YaST to configure for X-Fi as YaST can not yet handle X-Fi.

Then reboot, and test your sound.

X-Fi Platinum works out of the box, compiling ALSA by hand was a bad, bad idea - running alsaconf was an equally bad idea.

I had to reboot once after installation for the X-Fi module to work properly, on the first boot (kexec’ing the kernel) it wouldn’t load it properly.

Fantastic ! it’s working now after deleting the file, much thanks and appreciation. i have a new Hero hehe :wink:

as for compiling by hand, i agree. one result = i now have 5 more entries at boot to choose from >:(
my reason for compiling was not the best, when RC2 came out i took the plunge and installed that to run from, there was no nvidia driver in the repo for RC2 and compiled w/out any difficulty or side effects. about a week back i seem to have fried my motherboard and am waiting for the replacement to arrive so this system i’m running is made of spare parts. i’ll now know what to do when i have my “Regular” rig back up and in shape.

thank you both again,
-Mike (happy Mike now :smiley: )

Chrysantine, with my current level of Linux knowledge, i have just the right amount to Royaly Bork things up. {{grinn}}