11.2 with kde 3.5

Like many people I was not that fussed on KDE4 when it was first released but since KDE4.2 I have been using it as my main desktop. With KDE3.5 still installed but hardly ever used (it does look ever so dated now I think).

Of course 11.2 will come without kde3.5 - so when I installed M7 last night (which works fine on my p/c) I looked at ways of how to add 3.5.

It worked out really easy - as I had the dvd iso for 11.1 on my p/c. So I just added this as a yast source and also added the kde 3.5 11.1 repo:-


to get the updated kde 3.5 packages. Then put the priority number as 100 for the kde update repo and 101 for the iso of 11.1. Leaving the other repos at 99.

Then just start yast and it will give you a 3.5 pattern to install.

Adding a 11.1 repository on Factory/11.2 is a bad idea!

No it didn’t cause me any problems. 11.2 still includes the basic kde3 base & libs rpm’s. If you set the priority level of the kde 11.1 repo at a lower level - it just installs the other 3.5 needed rpm’s without over-riding any of the 11.2 files.

sorry I meant to add that once kde 3.5 was installed I disabled the 2 repos.


Just wait for the first package which needs a third party library in another (no longer compatible) version to the ones supplied by 11.2/Factory to come along and wait for the “boom-effect”.


There is also a KDE3-repo for factory available at the same place, so why use the 11.1 repo at all?

(Had a quick look into it, no basic package is missing there.)

Hmm, maybe, but I don’t recall all this doomwatch over users adding 11.1 packman to test multimedia on 11.2 milestones.

Have had no problems using the packman repo (for 11.1) with m7.

I never realised that there is a repo for kde 3.5 in factory - what a fool. Although when I installed kde 3.5 there were quite a few libs that were needed that are not included under the main factory repo.

I did do a clean install of m7 - rather than an update - so haven’t had any of the problems suffered by some posters to this forum.

To add codes to 11.2m7, not only did I have to add 11.1 packman, but then I had to add 11.1-oss to grab a few libraries.

However, when 11.2 final ships in November, packman will have a 11.2 repo as well, and then everything will be kosher.

Exactly, I first test without 11.1 repos enabled. After that, open the doors to the “golden cage” and see what happens… It’s only testing after all.

Here you are:

openSUSE Forums - View Single Post - amarok 2 under 11.2 M5 64bit dosen’t play mp3

lol!Don’t be silly. How can I recall something that hasn’t happened yet? :wink:

You couldn’t but I obviously could.

Which is not even a very challenging statement to make, it’s not if but when that will happen (and maybe there were other cases before).


It might last for a while if you’re lucky, but it will break.

Though I must say, there’s a difference between the openSUSE repos, making parts of the distro, and the codecs from Packman for example.

Sure, but as this

For many, luck has delivered 6 successes out of 7 attempts on updating a few packman packages. Good odds if your playing russian roulette with a six-shooter. This is testing after all, and in a forum littered with users (and their borked systems) who zypper dup from factory between milestones. Just thought I would put that one back in context :).

Anyway you guys have a bigger point with other openSUSE repos and larger updates.