11.2 , vlc (packman): sound problems

After a fresh install of opensuse 11.2 I followed the multimedia guide to install mm-support. Sound is working, results in xine are excellent.
Compared to 11.1, vlc now plays sound with drops about every second. To be more precise: sound is ok for several seconds, then a first drop appears. Thereafter the time between the following drops slowly shortens. After a minute or so, the drops come in intervals of about a second.
Is this a known problem?
Are there some hints, some suggestions?
A. Achilles

Is this with Gnome with pulse enabled?

Is this the guide you followed
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

There are no issues that I am aware of. In vlc prefs you should find audio output set to default, so you could try setting it to ALSA
Make sure your system is using XINE as the backend

Sorry, I didn’t mention: KDE 4
and yes,
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums
that’s the guide, I followed.

Switching from gstreamer to xine seems to make the problem worse.

A. Achilles

Don’t forget to try different output modes in the preferences in VLC.

Also, try disabling special desktop effects.

disabling desktop effects doesn’t change the behavior of vlc,
but changing audio output mode from standard or Alsa to Simple DirectMedia Layer helped. Sound is good.

Thanks a lot

A. Achilles