11.2 update "wrong digest"


I’m updating a newly installed openSUSE 11.2 64bit and in the process the checksum of a delta package called “yast2-ncurses” fails. The rest of the update went without warning.

Reading through the forums I found that I should check the installation media and I did - the dvd contains no errors. The list of repositories is the default one with the dvd turned off.

So my question is should I leave it like that or should I do something?

Try to install the package again from the repos. Either using YaST or zypper.

Thanks for replying to this post. I opened “Software Management” in yast and looked for the package. To my surprise it was updated, even though during the update I clicked not to use it (as the message suggested).

Just to check it again I reverted the package to the one in the oss repository and then tried again to update it but the result was the same.

Strange. When I look into YaST I have 2.18.11-0.1.1-i586 from the Update repos. The OSS repos has 2.18.10-2.1-i586. It seems that there was a time when the update run flawless.

I do not know if you use the ncurses version of YaST very often (most people never do). When you don’t, I should not bother but maybe try again in a month or so. I do not know why the update was, probably not real a security thing.

Thanks again for the quick responses. I’ll leave it like this since I rarely ever used yast without the Qt GUI. But hopefully some of the SUSE packagers will check it out because it’s a bit confusing.

You are welcome. And I hope the same as you.