11.2: root can't chown yard:yard /dev/sda6

For my DB i need to change the owner and group for the device /dev/sda6 to the DB user yard.
I can type as root:
chown yard:yard /dev/sda6
ls -l
i see the changes. But if i start the DB init, the old user and group names are set. (root:disk).

With Suse 9.2 i don’t have this problem.
With Suse 10.3 i have to change the user:group settings after reboot.

But with 11.2 i find no way to change.

best regards

As /dev/sda6 is (re)created on every boot by *udevd *it is of no use to think that your settings will survive a reboot. This should be done by adding e udev-rule to your system.

As root create the file /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules and put the following rule (line) in it:

KERNEL=="sda6", OWNER="yard"

After a reboot *yard *should be the owner of /dev/sda6.