11.2 rocks...but i'm NOT a Crash Test Dummy!!!

hello, people…this is a reply that was posted on another thread.
i wanted to post as a new thread, to help expedite any resolution, and also to help anyone else who has had similar issues…

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hello, people.
i just wanted to update on the upgrade.
…well, as of last night, i’m running opensuse 11.2.
i must say that it is smoother, seems lighter (despite the vast improvements), and feels more 21century, than my very very well functioning 11.0 setup.
after installing, i was surprised to see that all of the files that i backed up were present in the fresh 11.2. even the basic structure of my desktop settings were retained.
…it did take me a while to figure out how to use the network manager, and get my wireless operating…but 1 and half to 2 hours is sooo much better than a couple days to a week, like it was with my 11.0…so glad the opensuse geniuses integrated the b43 drivers, etc., rather than having us go on multiple quests.
the opensuse community helped tremendously with the wireless setup…the op.su community also helped evenmore with my compiz issues…it took me many hours to setup; finally just scrapping all of the compiz, i installed and following one of the direct tutorials of one of the op.su geniuses (too lazy to find and paste thread link here)

now, although as of my waking today i havent had the issues yet…before i went to sleep at 5-6 something this morning, i had many–no, MMAANNYY–crashes!! from a variety of actions: rotating a cube, switching desktops, closing yast, closing firefox, deleting a panel, changing mouse settings, and a couple other things i cant remember (as my patience was gone, and my energy was drained).

…so, has anyone else been having these crashing issues??
i havent sent bug reports, nor have i posted diagnostics here, because from my experiences with opensuse, these issues somehow miraculously work themselves out…so, i’m being patient about it.
but, if any of you uber-intelligent folk here have any uber-intelligent insights on this crashing, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share!!

thanks, friends

Experiments to do: disable desktop effects. Does it still crash?

Create a new user, log in with them. Does it still crash?

Log in as failsafe. Does it still crash?

Try the vesa graphics driver. Does it still crash?


Sorry - but ‘it crashes lots and I haven’t got around to trying anything’ isn’t easy to answer… :wink:

Are U using kde4 with compiz and with kwin composite?
did U install the propitiatory GF drivers?
Try and use a lighter Window Manager like WindowMaker or BlueBox.
well personally I preferred OpenSUSE 11 to 11.2, but only cos I preferred KDE3 to kde4.

And yeap the easiest thing to do is make a new user account and see if the trouble is a setting left behind from OpenSUSE 11.

hey. i just wanted to update on this.
…i thank you immensely for offering help on this issue.

however, i honestly did none of what you two suggested.
it appeared that system would crash or freeze when i would try a new process or action that wasnt done up to that point.
i say this because i havent had any crashes for a while now. and the couple freezes i’ve had in the past few days seemed to occur when doing something i hadnt yet done.

but, it was pretty much like i said…the issues miraculously cured themselves, without my doing anything.
patience is a very valuable tool, i guess.

…i wanted to make sure i thanked you for offering your help. so, thanks.

i just remembered that the one thing that i did do was stop using the “burn” compiz setting, which was set on window closings…
i did that, and the crashes stopped.

The scientific method, baby, yeah! :wink: