11.2 repository priorities being ignored?

Hi everyone…
I have a small question about the repository priorities in 11.2. A couple of months ago I got a new laptop but have noticed that the laptop has not been updating KDE 4.3 whenever I select “Package → All Packages → Update if newer version available”. I do get some software updates however - it just seems that the KDE repo is being ignored by YAST.

For example, if I search for (say) kde4-greeter I can see in the versions that I have 4.3.5-02.1-x86_64 installed from openSUSE-11.2-update (priority 10).

But kde4-greeter version 4.3.5-18.5-x86_64 from
Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:/STABLE:/Desktop/openSUSE_11.2 (priority 1) is available. It’s just not being selected automatically when I do the “Update if newer versions available”.

The same thing applies to any software in the KDE repo - they’re all being ignored even though that repo has a more important priority. Unless of course I’ve got it totally wrong and 10 is more important than 1? Dont think so though…

Does anyone have any ideas? It’s not incredibly important - everything is running very nicely here… But I’m just wondering if I’m missing any security updates or new toys because the KDE repo is being ignored…

For info - all repos are up to date and enabled. I even removed the KDE repo and added it again with a different priority but am still experiencing the same behaviour.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance…


Use the switcher not priorities
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Thank you - was unaware of that functionality (doh). Thanks again!

Hmm now I have to download nearly 500mb of updates. Oh well never mind.

No problem, good luck;)