11.2 RC2 Community repositories

I installed 11.2 RC2 x86_64 but when adding community repos to YaST there is an issue with adding OpenOffice and Contrib repos

Adding repository OpenSUSE Build Service - OpenOffice.org failed
Adding repository Main repository (Contrib) failed

and some kind of error message from Packman, but it has been added. Is there a solution about this problem


It RC2 you have to add them manually. It will allow you to add them, but you will likely find it brings in 11.1 repos.

Some kind of error?:\ Packman…

gongalov, … you give us MUCH MORE credit than we deserve. In truth, we are not that all seeing, and its unlikely anyone us are bright enough to deduce what problem you are describing with so scanty information.

May I suggested that next time you encounter such an error, you press “print screen” (or simply take a pix of it with your digital camera), then upload the pix with the error message to an image host site, such as ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing and then provide what ever additional information you think might help. But without the PRECISE error message, its very difficult to understand what you encountered.

You could also, provide the output of:
**zypper lr -d **
so we can see what repositories you have setup.

Sorry for the mistake, it’s OK with Packman it has added fine to my repos. OK guis, I deleted the Packman repo and added it again and the error was:
Downloading unsuccessful (translated from bulgarian) and here is the link
ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
and that’s better
ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
and the outut of

zypper lr -d is

ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing
after that there is a msg about an unknown GPG key and do you want to add the repository Yes/No. I press yes and Packman is added successfuly
thanks for the fast answers

This key error from Packman seems to have been happening for some, you will be OK with what you have done.

Personally I’m not adding any repo’s except Packman, keep it simple for the ‘dup’ to final release.

Ok, so does that mean all is well now?

I find this URL works for me for Packman in zypper on my openSUSE-11.2 RC2 sandbox PC setup:


… you sure have a LOT of repos setup with the same priority 99. And I did not see packman on that zypper output.

I also note you have videlan enabled. Thats for sure going to cause problems with packman packaged applications.

Note I always recommend ONLY 4 repos. OSS, Non-OSS, Update and Packman.

I wrote in Konsole this

zypper lr -d is

and at the same time added the repo and took the screenshot in YaST, so that’s why no Packman yet in the third shot. The URL is opening without problems in Firefox and the repo has been added successfuly, just this error is strange for me, 'cose I’m not a guru but just a beginner in SUSE. However, there are no 11.2 repos yet for OpenOffice and Contrib. The URLs are not accessible.

Pay close attention to the advice given by @oldcpu regarding the Videolan repo, you should only install libdvdcss from there, then disable that repo and only use Packman

Follow the principles of this (for 11.1)
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

11.2 still has not been released, but rather is made available for TESTING. Open Office does come in the OSS repos. I think initial testing of the OSS version of Open Office should be sufficient for testing purposes.

many, many thanks to you, this is a very useful guide. Will be nice to put it on the wiki as a HOWTO for newbies like me:)