11.2 RC1 86_64-bit

Some Issues with the newest RC1.

(1) cant’t seem to get compiz and rotating cube to work. All software seems in place for this.

(2) Nvidia card video keeps reverting back to 1200X1600 mode when rebooting. I’m not sure how to get this to stay put at the resolution I set it to. I’d like something smaller in size because of my eyesight. (Driver is Nvidia 185). Something I must not be doing right.

(3) Ktorrent is installed but I can’t seem to find it in the menu system. If I start it from konsole nothing happens. Yast shows it as being installed.

(4) Analog Plasa Clock works great but the voice activated time doesn’t complete saying the time fully. I get a partial voice telling me the first character of the time and not the full phrase.

Any help is appreciated.


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So I see. Might I suggest that next time it might be useful to quote
something so we have an idea of what it’s about?

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You need the proprietary graphic driver. Have you installed the Nvidia proprietary graphic driver? Can you confirm?

You can find that out by typing:

/usr/sbin/hwinfo --gfxcard | grep Driver 

what does that give ?? [note it is case sensitive]

I think you mean 1600x1200 ? (you have it rotated 90 degrees). Again, please confirm you have the correct driver (and are not running the vesa or openGL by mistake).

A silly question. You are certain its not sitting in the lower right corner ? One can configure ktorrent such that the window does not show up when launched, but that it simply goes unobtrusively to the lower right corner.

ok … thats neat ! I have not heard of that. I’ll be curious to learn more.

(1) installed the nvidia 185 driver from Nvidia.
Driver: “nvidia”
Driver Modules: “nvidia”
Driver Info #0:
Driver Info #1:
(2) screen res. is 1600X1200 ( you knew what I meant I presume). . .

Does this mean that the resolution stays at 1600x1200 after a reboot?

Ktorrent is installed. . . just didn’t see it (It wasn’t in the lower right side menubar. But was in the Kmenu. Icon wasn’t familiar and was labeled as BiTorrent Client peer to peer (ktorrent). Other distro’s just label it as Ktorrent.

My two remaining issues are compiz and setting screen res. using the Nvidia 185 driver.


Darn it . . . .

3 remaining issues. . .

(1) screen res resets to default 1600x1200 mode after reboot

(2) Compiz (4 sided desktop cube doesn’t work.

(3) Plasma analog clock doesn’t say the time in a complet phrase. . .just partial then cuts out.


How are you setting the resolution for your display?

Another approach (where care is needed) is to increase the icon size and increase the text font size.

That is what I do for my poor eyesight.

It does require care (as already noted) such that one does not end up with massive unreadable fonts, which can be tricky to recover from.

OK, thats the proprietary driver. For example, I get:

  Driver: "nvidia"
  Driver Modules: "nvidia"
  Driver Info #0:

Interesting it comes back with two Drivers for you. What graphic hardware do you have?

Another interesting command is xrandr. For example I get:

oldcpu@hal1000:~> xrandr
Screen 0: minimum 320 x 240, current 1920 x 1200, maximum 1920 x 1200
default connected 1920x1200+0+0 0mm x 0mm
   1920x1200      50.0*
   1600x1200      51.0
   1680x1050      52.0
   1400x1050      53.0
   1280x1024      54.0
   1440x900       55.0
   1280x960       56.0
   1280x800       57.0
   1024x768       58.0
   800x600        59.0     61.0
   640x480        60.0     63.0
   700x525        62.0
   512x384        64.0
   320x240        65.0