11.2 on netbook

My netbook, an Asus Eeepc 900 (still running on a Celeron rather than Atom), has had Ubuntu 8.04 on it for a while now and I feel the time is right to “upgrade” it, ideally to openSUSE and KDE4. Is anything known about out-of-the-box hardware support for this machine in 11.2, and how well KDE4 will run on it?

I have a 1000HE with atom HT CPU and 2GB of RAM, it runs fine with 11.2
so far Gnome/KDE4. But you might want to check out the Goblin DE or

Read the comments…

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The snd_hda_intel shutdown/reset hang which plagued these machines on many distros has been fixed as per 11.2 (or so says my eee 1000).

Don’t really want to try Moblin/Goblin or whatever, just happy to use bog standard SUSE. Thanks for confirming/suggesting that 11.2 works on the 1000HE - with so many Eeepcs around, it might of course not work with mine…

I think I recognise that one from Ubuntu 8.04…

I’ll have a go at installing 11.2 RC2 this weekend. Will report back…

In case it doesn’t work out, I can recommend SUSE 11.1 with KDE3.5.7. Everything works except for software control of the wireless hardware on/off switch. I have a 900.

I’d hate to lose the wifi control function key, as I tend to switch wifi off to save the battery when working outside, but every now and then need to enable it to check something. Managed to get that working reliably in Ubuntu 8.04, and hope that 11.2 will be able to do the same…

And why shouldn’t it work with 11.2, when it did on 8.04, which is even a lot older?

Find out how it was handled in 8.04, it will most likely work the same way in 11.2.

Yes, I hope so. I was replying to ionmich’s observation that it doesn’t work in 11.1, which is also a lot more recent than Ubuntu Hardy Heron…

I’ve taken the plunge and I’m happy to report that 11.2 RC2 works beautifully with my Eee 900. No problems with screen resolution or wireless networking, all the function keys appear to work - including Fn-F2 for wireless on/off (you need to right-click on the wireless icon afterwards and re-enable the particular connection you were using so it’s a two-step process but that’s no great hardship).

Edit: even suspend/resume works!

opensuse 11.2 on a Packard Bell netbook (clone of acer d250 with an atom 280 processor and broadcom wireless).

Everything works great, Good to see a usable kde distro for netbooks (mandriva far to slow). I decided to give it a go after the fiasco with mobile broadband in ubuntu 9.10. Just remember to install broadcom_wl to enable the wireless, then reboot, setup your wireless wep/wpa and reboot again. All works. I’m now one happy bunny. I left suse after problems with mounting drives in 11.0 I’m glad to see it’s back and greatly improved.