11.2 not play dvd mp3...

Hi, how to play dvd mp3 on opensuse 11.2?

Because there is no packman repo for 11.2 yet then you could use Packman repo for 11.1 and use xine-codecs and for playing dvd use libdvdcss from VideoLan repo (immediately disable that repo after downloading ONLY this).

If you have no experience with Linux then consider using the stable edition (11.1), though 11.2 Milestone 1 might be stable for now it can break. It is not recommended for new linux users.

here have a look
openSUSE Lizards » 11.2 64 bit and mp3

packman added openSUSE factory repos: Index of /suse/factory

don’t contain nearly as much stuff as the other repos, but enough to play mp3.