11.2 LVM boot problem

I have just upgraded my 11.1 system to 11.2. Install went well.
However, whenever I try to boot 11.2 I get a message saying that one of my physical volumes with a given ID cannot be found, as a result of which all of the logical volumes on it are declared ‘unknown’. The physical volume in question is not activated, forcing the system into level 3, with a message telling me that only Ctrl-D will get me out.
It must be noted that this system worked perfectly well with 11.1.
Strangely enough, if I boot 11.2 often enough, it will sometimes boot properly. I would say that perhaps, once in every 6 boot attempts, it will find all of the PV’s and the system will boot.
Has anyone seen this problem? More to the point, does anyone have a possible solution? :slight_smile:

This very much looks like
Bug 505670 - Unable to boot - LVM/mapper does not create devices.
Although it seems to be fixed in the latest Factory release, I haven’t found a way to get an install done that updates to this release and then works.