11.2 loads debug kernel not default. How to change?

Recently, I upgraded 11.1 to 11.2. Everything seemed to go fine. However, for some reason the system boots with the debug kernel - According to Yast every kernel under the sun seems to be loaded on the system. Grub, however, gives two choices - one for the regular and one for the failsafe system. They both boot to the debug kernel.

How do I get this thing to load into the regular, as opposed to the debug, kernel?

Delete em all except the one you want.
Just ignore all the errors until you have them all marked to remove.

OK, I went into Yast and got rid of the debug kernel. Now the system won’t boot - apparently no more vmlinuz. I tried to reinstall the bootloader using the repair option on the DVD. While the repair said it was successful, now GRUB doesn’t appear at all. How do I get this thing to work without a complete reinstall?

I can mount the partitions on the rescue system and everything that was there was still there.

try this:

With the install DVD, boot from it and on the first menu of options select the Rescue System option. That will start an elementary Linux Live operating system and bring you to the login prompt. Enter the username root and you will be at the command prompt with root powers and ready to proceed. Whichever way you started (the openSUSE install DVD or a Linux Live CD) when you are at the root command prompt, first you find the partition containing openSUSE’s bootloader. Then you reinstall Grub with a pointer to that partition. First find the openSUSE installation:
You enter this ---------------- grub
Computer returns like this ---- grub>
You enter this ---------------- find /boot/grub/menu.lst
Computer returns like this ---- (hd0,5)
Here, (hd0,5) is Grub’s pointer to my openSUSE installation. Your pointer will be different from my example (hd0,5). Substitute your values for my example (hd0,5). Now that you have the pointer, proceed like this:
You enter this ---------------- root (hd0,5)
Computer returns like this ---- Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
You enter this ---------------- setup (hd0)
You see several lines like this — Checking if /boot/grub/stage1 exists … yes Computer finally returns this-- Succeeded…Done
You enter this ---------------- quit
You enter this ---------------- reboot

Take out the dvd

Thanks for that. It turns out my problem was that the original update from 11.1 never installed the default kernel even though Yast showed it as being installed. When I removed the debug kernel there was nothing to boot.

Eventually I gave up and went to the update option in the installation program. There, Yast showed the default kernel was not installed. I installed that and updated Grub and now everything works again.

Thanks for your help.

Good job. Well done!