11.2 live dvd, bypass ati driver load

what option does one use with the kde live dvd to force non-loading of ati drivers? simple video driver just to get x running with the live dvd.

Press F3 at the boot screen choose vesa

that still allowd the radeon driver to load and x won’t start. i thought there was an option to not load any card specific driver. there are several long threads on ati issues i need to go through and make notes. thanks.

There is no such thing as a live DVD. Only a liveCD.

Are you trying to install from a DVD ? Or boot from a liveCD ? Because it is not clear to me.

sorry, the cd. i burned it to dvd because that’s what i had.

i have obtained a used hp workstation and i wanted to test the machine for compatibility with the live cd before attempting the install. i’m glad i did because i stumbled onto the ati/autoconfig problem. i can boot into runlevel 3, but no success with getting X to start. however, it does seem to work fine with the 10.3 live cd. so i’m probably ok once i get an understanding of the new X autoconfig.