11.2 KDE where do you change resolution

Looked in YAST and I find no way to change screen resolution. Nvidia driver is installed. It this the wave of the future so locked down you can’t tweak the video anymore? You get default and that is it?

You can get the resolution software from sax2. Open the kicker menu and type sax2 in the search box at top and you will see the software.

You can change it in “Configure Desktop” tool also.

I have had issues with this one, so the better solution is Sax2, located in system> configuration> configure x11 system.

But yeh a lot of distros are moving to auto configs as HAL is going out of favor for stuff like devicekit.
I just hope it can be patched somehow if auto config fails.

Thanks TaraIkeda and mmarif4u

sax2 did the trick, I also found the Nvdida tool by typing nvidia in the kicker. My card is a crappy old Geforce 2 MX400. The sax2 toll is thee better of the two.

More moving the wrong direction just like KDE 4 was.

yeh it is moving in the wrong direction to rely on auto configs, what if they dont work and your screen is stuck at low res?
I hope there will be tools available to help configure things again, like a frontend to devicekit.

If you start KRandRtray, you will have a small icon in the system part of your taskbar which looks like a computer monitor. Clicking with the right mouse button on this icon, you can change resolution as often as you want. No root privileges required, thats a great advantage.

Should have been there by default.

Not with a new installation or when you create a new user.