11.2 KDE Firefox save default

I’m not sure if this is purely a Firefox issue or if KDE is involved. When saving from Firefox the save dialog window looks like it is KDE and it remembers some KDE settings. The detailed tree list view for one thing.

However, the icon magnifier is always too large. I keep setting it back down, but on the next Firefox save the icons are huge again. I would really like to change this really annoying save dialog window default icon size. Anyone have any idea how to permanently shrink these icons, or is this an issue that belongs completely and only to Firefox?

Check in Both Dolphin and Konqueror that you have done this
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Then when you make changes it will apply throughout.
This may help. But I’m sure it’s not FF settings that need jigging

Thanks for the reply. I did what the link instructs you to do very first thing since I prefer detailed view trees. The original default reversion to folder view in each new directory drove me nuts, not a long drive :). Almost went nuts again looking for how to display owner, permissions, etc. before I finally found that.

I even tried changing all the Dolphin setup view modes to smallest possible icons.

Its strange that so far in my limited testing only Firefox can’t remember the last used icon magnifier setting or any new default setting.

I’m on KDE 4.3.3 release 3 repo. I seem to remember in 4.3.1 Dolphin didn’t remember the save icon magnifier setting. Maybe I’m not remembering that correctly?

Update. This problem has gone away after updating Firefox to 3.5.5 in the very recent security update. Thanks for the help, this problem is resolved.