11.2 KDE 4.3.1 Folder view loses settings

As the title says the folderview shows the desktop folder as it did when i first installed 11.2 but now it has started to lose its settings and from time to time it shows the home folder instead of the desktop folder…

Any idea what this could be??

No idea but does the change show up in Folder View settings or is the folder displayed different from the one specified in the settings?

No the settings is changed to…

Could it be that I have added a folder view in the panel?

For me if I logout and back in after setting up the desktop. Then the configuration sticks. If I just shutdown the computer. All of the changes are not saved.

It certainly sounds as if the problem is that settings are not saved reliably. This isn’t a problem in KDE4.2 but I don’t have my KDE4.3 laptop handy to test it out.