11.2 - is perl 5.10.0 still slated as the default perl?

I use perl heavily for development on openSuSE. 5.10.0 has serious memory leak issues ( just try it :

perl -e 'while(1) {qr//}'

and kiss your memory goodbye). Perl 5.10.1 is out a week or so ago and it addresses the two biggest leaks I’ve encountered (qr// and weaken {}). Is there any time for 11.2 to switch gears and incorporate 5.10.1 - it’s a big improvement.


Roadmap/11.2 - openSUSE

11.2 isn’t being released until November. On one hand, technically only bugfixes are allowed in after September 10th, however, I’m assuming the Perl release would be included either way.

Has a bug report been filed?

Even if it doesn’t make the release, it could be released as an update later. But they won’t know if you don’t file a bug report.