11.2 installed IN Windows 7


I downloaded openSUSE 11.2 iso file onto a laptop with Windows 7.
To be installed onto my desktop PC at home.
I lent out my laptop for the night.
When it returned I turned it on…
And got boot manager asking me what OS I wanted to use.
Windows 7 works OK when selected.
openSUSE does nothing but say \grldr 0xC000007B missing or corrupt.

Screen annoys me and I set it to last 5 seconds but still annoying.

What happened was the person extracted the ISO file to for reasons unknown.
Then to add to the mess they clicked and tried to install both _LOCAL and _NET applications.

And I also got a folder in called C\openSUSE with file called linux inside. I also have unnamed unassigned partition of 14.5G that may be related because I never looked there before. It’s not in My Computer but shows up in device manager.

Now, being a Laptop from ASUS I have no Windows 7 disc. I have some backup thats 4 DVDs big done through ASUS AI Recovery Burner. I also have a restore point from the day before this happened.

Question is- how to I remove openSUSE in boot manager and get it back to the original way it was.

I’ve looked around everywhere and all I found was doing it through YAST oir Windows discs. Neither is option since I have no disc and no openSUSE let alone YAST.

And if I do nothing and eventually install openSUSE on laptop (if desktop PC likes it… laptop will get it too) will I have a prob? or will the prob disappear magically?


If you have access to windows, make a backup of your personal files now. My guess is you will need to re-install.
But it’s possible if you delete the sections it’s added to C:
Delete any partitions it has made
Then reinstall your windows boot manager, if you don’t have a dvd for windows, check this: Download Windows 7 System Recovery Discs — The NeoSmart Files

jumpingjoe wrote:
> I lent out my laptop for the night.

learn anything from that decision?


A warm welcome to the forums. Since you don’t know exactly what these borrowers have done, I suggest you follow Caf’s advice.

With openSUSE on the laptop there would have been no problem :slight_smile: : create a guest user, lend out the laptop with only the guest users password, the only place they could have extracted the Win7 iso, is in the guest user’s homedir, or /tmp. Both very recoverable.
This shows how vulnerable the windu OS is. People have gotten used to being administator all the time, they will continue to work like this, because the OS lets them. Just try to extract an iso on the root or system folders on a linux install.
In short: linux does much better on the ‘lending out your laptop for the night’ front.

Sorry about not getting back earlier… Easter is for eating and resting.

Thanks Caf and others for your advice.

I had a partition e: show up but has gone. The mystery unnamed partition I can’t enter is still there but I don’t care about it.

I’ll delete the c entries as you say and hopefully that’ll work.

I’ve set the boot manager timout to 1 second. I just hate when things aren’t like I want 100%. But having boot menu for 1 sec with PC working OK is not the end of the world.

So long as nothing of this will affect me installing openSUSE on this PC, I’m OK.

And definately no more lending out.