11.2 install - user is lost

Weird problem. When trying to install 11.2 from DVD, the user information I entered at the beginning of the install gets lost. I get to the Automatic Configuration step at the end of the install where the computer needs to reboot, and it asks for my user ID and password (it shouldn’t do that). It won’t accept the user I created (always says login failed), but it will accept root. That really doesn’t matter, because the Automatic Configuration step has done anything, and I have a busted install. I’ve tried the install 4 or 5 times, but it is always the same problem. I eventually reinstalled 11.1 without any problem (though I did have to click Use Entire Disk on the partition section so it would delete the ext4 partitions created by the 11.2 install and create ext3 partitions). Ever seen this before?

did you verify checksums?

It sounds like it may be chocking on the old settings in the old .kde4 directory. Try a new user or rename .kde4 in you home. There is a KDE setting that forces a root password on log out.

Also check the UID (user ID number) that is the way that the OS knows who you are the names are just for use meat bags. If for some reason you are not UID 1000 on the old system it may cause confusion for logging in. Either change the UID to match the old on the new or change the ownership of your home to the new UID

I started over from scratch. I downloaded the iso image, verified the md5sum, and burned the DVD. During the install process for partitions, I clicked the Use Entire Disk button so it would delete the ext3 partitions and create new ext4 partitions. I used a completely new username and password. The same thing happened. After reboot during the Automatic Configuration step, it stops and asks for a username and password which it shouldn’t ask for and won’t accept (login failed). This is so strange. So I reinstalled 11.1 which installs flawlessly.

One interesting thing I noticed is that 11.1 installs over 1,000 packages while 11.2 only installs about 360.