11.2 install okay, 1st boot hangs

I have installed 11.2 without any failures and used default settings the install gave me. After 1st boot the splash-screen comes up and the “loadingbar” under the SUSE-loge fills to about 50% and then stops…left it their for about 10 min. but nothing happens anymore.

Only a hard reset switches off the computer.
I have 11.1 installed times ago on another partition without any problem…

Hi there,

Please try hitting esc to see the boot messages and what specifically is displayed at the point where it hangs.


Followed your advice: it gave me some massages but jumped quick to login screen then. After login same things happens: all grafical and cannot see messages anymore with ESC.

If I understand correctly then, it finishes boot and then hangs at the user login screen?

I am not certain which graphical screen it is hanging at - the user login screen or the booting up screen (with the bar).

Try this: ctrl-alt-f1 to access virtual terminal 1. Others are available on other function keys. X runs on F7.

You can also restart the X server with ctrl-atl-backspace (twice, the first time it willjust beep.)

See if you are presented with a bash login. If so you can kill the Xserver and re start it and see what messages it gives, etc.


I’m at the point now, when ever I do an install, I have an inexpensive digital camera (with a movie mode) available, and often take pix of setups, and videos of the screen as the messages flash by. This is especially useful if I encounter a repeatable problem, where things are just too fast to see or there is too much to scribble down.

Having a video (than can be replayed in slow motion) or a pix of errors that can be posted to image bam or some other image share site, is invaluable in helping to share the information associated with a frustrating installation failure. Of course it all assumes one has another PC handy, that can actually post any images that one takes.

Well to be clear:
11.2 boots up okay with splash-screen until user login.
Then I login and:
11.2 2nd splash-screen then hangs about 50%

Anyway using failsafe gets me into system okay, only screen not optimized.

All your ideas about getting to messages (ctrl-alt-f1 or ctrl-alt-bachspace) fail in my situation…

In failsafe I could change dafault boot to runlevel 3, only I forgot howto. If this will have changed I could resume from their by doing startx and see what will happen.

Stupid of course: using runlvel-editor in Yast set to level 3… :slight_smile:

Ok, systems boots up normally to loginscreen, after login it hangs at 50% at following splash-screen (told this many times allready)
After reboot and in runlevel 3 I run sax2 to hope it will help: it configures okay as far as I can see, so tryed again after reboot:
no luck, hangs after 50% after login.

I tryed again will failsafe: login in as normal user and startx hangs te sytem. But login as root and do init 5 it starts to grafical KDE (not as it should be but okay for now)

I just have no idea what is making the system hang: I think it is a driver/hardware-issue but What ??

In /var/log/boot.msg I found this info:

Boot logging started on /dev/tty1(/dev/console) at Wed Nov 18 20:02:37 2009

Master Resource Control: previous runlevel: 3, switching to runlevel: 5
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.268326000> service earlyxdm startStarting service kdm4
Using failsafe X.Org configuration /etc/X11/xorg.conf.install
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.510123000> startproc: execve (/usr/bin/kdm) /usr/bin/kdm ], SELINUX_INIT=YES CONSOLE=/dev/console ROOTFS_FSTYPE=ext4 TERM=linux SHELL=/bin/sh ROOTFS_FSCK=0 powersaved=off INIT_VERSION=sysvinit-2.86 apm=off KDEROOTHOME=/root/.kdm REDIRECT=/dev/tty1 COLUMNS=171 PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin vga=0x345 RUNLEVEL=5 SPLASHCFG= PWD=/ LANG=nl_NL.UTF-8 edd=off PREVLEVEL=3 LINES=61 QT_SYSTEM_DIR=/usr/share/desktop-data SHLVL=2 HOME=/ XORGCONFIG=xorg.conf.install XCURSOR_THEME=DMZ WINDOWMANAGER=/usr/bin/startkde SPLASH=no ROOTFS_BLKDEV=/dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD3000JB-00KFA0_WD-WCAMR2308244-part8 _=/sbin/startproc DAEMON=/usr/bin/kdm ]
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.613883000> service earlyxdm donedone
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.614054000> service xdm startStarting service kdm4
Using failsafe X.Org configuration /etc/X11/xorg.conf.install
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.803221000> service xdm donedone
Master Resource Control: runlevel 5 has been reached
<notice – Nov 18 20:02:37.808301000> killproc: kill(4547,3)

Maybe it can be of help ?

Well, after some searching I think it is a KDE-issue. My 11.2 install uses same partition as 11.1 regarding my /home directory.

If I boot up 11.2 and login as root everything works.
If I boot up 11.2 and login as user **** start hangs again with KDE
But if I use IceWM in last case it starts okay also.

So could theire be KDE-issues in my /home folder (which was created before by 11.1) that I better should change or remove…

Yes, look for tips regarding removing particularly plasma files in the advice on upgrading KDE4.

You might reassure yourself it’s startup files, by creating a new user temporarily, or renaing temporarily your .kde4 directory and see if it starts normally and gives you a good desktop.

Possibly you have say effects enabled which are now freezing the desktop for some reason, with updated graphics driver,… or something like that.

Yes, disabling old /.KDE directory and let KDE create a new one is indead the way to solve it…Thanks

I had a similar problem, which I ‘fixed’ by login with failsafe then going to personal settings -‘configure desktop’ then under
Desktop settings, make sure that ‘enable desktop effects’ is UNCHECKED. this might be the problem?