11.2 install can't find dvd repository

greetings all
downloaded 11.2 64bit
burned the iso
tried to install
works fine, until it probes for the repositories, but cannot find them
tried on two machines with three different dvd drives
any suggestions,
the gui-guy theo

It should automatically find them, unless you change the ‘Install Media’ from DVD to something incorrect.

Seems something went wrong during DVD burning procedure.

Try booting DVD and using the ‘check media’. If you have ISO file on disk, then checking the MD5 sum to verify it is good idea before burning, starting K3b CD burner and burning ISO shows the MD5 sum. Using verify options to.

THere’s also sometimes issues with DVD-R (& -RW) not being recognised on all drives, due to a poor specification of the standard. DVD+R (& +RW) would be better, except not all early DVD drives can read DVD+R disks.

One option, would be to burn the small Net Install CDs, and export the DVD you made (now it’s checked) via NFS.

I was gettting the same error. But i wasnt trying from the DVD.
I copied ISO in to my hard disk(NTFS partition). using Grub4DOS able to get to the installation process.
I choose installation form ‘Harddisk’ option and gave the path where my iso is.
then just before the installation it was saying this error “cannot find openSUSE repository”. i tryed some 2 to 3 times.But same error.
first of all is it possible to install from Hard disk?

openSUSE 11.2 can not be installed from NTFS file system.
Hence we cannot install if we have only windows if we doesnot have DVD.

On 12/09/2009 11:46 PM, kirant400 wrote:
> openSUSE 11.2 can not be installed from NTFS file system.
> Hence we cannot install if we have only windows if we doesnot have DVD.

This is not true. You can install from the LiveCD or the NET install.
You will need a network connection to install using either of these

Correction again… I had tried to install opensuse from my hard drive as an iso image from my NTFS partition. I had several problems but soon found the source of the problems from trial and error and from some previous threads.

It is possible to install from the hard drive without Live CD and without a usb hard drive. The process is trick and have yet to see any easier way about it.

The problem is that the NTFS partition can only be written to from the root user. This requires the mounting of the NTFS partition with the correct code that enables this. However the partition cannot be edited if it is the source of the installation.

To resolve this, there must be two sources of the iso on two seperate partitions. The installation source must be initiated from the secondary partition as the main partition is the one that needs to be edited with the proper code. once the installation is started the process will present an error that it cannot access the files needed. Then you must change the source of the installtion files from the secondary partition to the first partition. the link below contains more information which i have replied to myself about. I would like to now if there is an easier route though.

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