11.2 - Hiding Autologin | Hiding "Suspend" "Hibernate"

Hi All,

Finished installing openSUSE 11.2. Seems smoother. A few questions though…

I set autologin and it does as it should.
However, during boot-up, the Login Window appears with the openSUSE background, then it disappears and loads Gnome (no user interaction needed).
In 11.1 I was able to hide that Login Window as to not show up during boot up (or it hide automatically). How do you do this in 11.2?
Or is it because there’s somekind of openSUSE branding enabled… if so, where is it… it not related to the bootsplash theme right…

How do you remove/disable “Suspend” and “hibernate” from the “Shut Down the Computer” window?
For example, if you set “Power Button” to interactive, when you press your power button, that “Shut Down the Computer” menu will appear, I want to remove those two options. I also want to disable those options, never want the user, including root, to be able to suspend or hibernate.

In “gconf-editor”, I seen the option for the session splashscreen is on and it points to the default location, but it does not show up…
FYI, the bootsplash comes up fine…

and just for fun…
Does anyone actually made it work? Just using the openSUSE branding that came with it? I can only make the old bootsplash work… If anyone has step by step, please forward :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help and tips.

if you ask me auto login is a bad idea, I know typing in a password all the time can be annoying for new users as you dont typically use passwords on Windows.
But it is one of the reasons why windows has so many security issues.

Hi TaraIkeda,

Thank you for your opinion, however, I would really like some help on the matter.

This may also be helpful to others who are seeing these issues or experimenting with kiosk type of systems :wink:


Are you using the GNOME login manager? You ought to be able to configure it’s menus.

As for the initial login screen, I suspect it’s related to /etc/init.d/earlyxdm

It reads config file /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager

Type: string


Define the user whom should get logged in without request. If string

is empty, display standard login dialog.


On one machine with little RAM I disabled earlyxdm, to reduce VM consumption on startup, and got the normal login screen. I think you either need to configure things in YaST or figure out what you want configured and handhack the files.

Thank you for your reply.
It seems to be an issue with gnome 2.28…

I had to add the acpi=off to bootloader.
That helped me get rid of “Suspend”, but hibernate still shows…

I did set:

autologin works, but it shows up… Maybe if I get the session splash to work, it will hide that screen…