11.2 GNOME - Panel Disappears after Nvidia Setup

This is on an average spec PC, with one AGP GeForce 6200 and one PCI Geforce 6200.

Panel disappears, not just “out of view”. Mouse cursor goes exactly to the edges. Keyboard shortcuts don’t work either.

First time round I installed from LiveCD, then went to the Nvidia one click installer. Rebooted after install, couldn’t configure screens as no xorg.conf was present. I manually made one, then with the GUI configured it and got the three screens working just fine. But the panel/taskbar was missing. My user folder and wastebasket show on the desktop but I have no panel. Ctrl Alt Escape or Backspace don’t work either.

I tried everything “google” suggested, restarted gnome &, restarted panel &, removing .gconf etc. running gconftool-2. removing compiz etc. My xsession log is filled with errors ranging from GNOME to Nautilus.

At my wits end I decided to reinstall. GNOME from live cd again.

Now before Nvidia, I first ran all updates, then installed the 700mb worth of suggested software. I had xconf.org backed up so after a few reboots and everythign was fine, I installed NVidia. After the reboot, I logged in with safemode, put the xconf.org in there. Rebooted and the screens work again. But again the bloody panel missing. Errors now include gnome power management, amongst others.

The second try did look better as the panel does show on my login screen. Having said that, first time round I had auto-login. Second time I disabled that.

All I can do on the desktop is right click to open a terminal but this goes out of focus every 5 seconds or so as an invisible error popup steals focus. Sporadically the dialogue window shows.

Run gnome & and I get “Could not acquire session name bus”. Click that away and I get a range of gnome setting errors. The terminal fills with them, error messages pop up and disappear without any body content. It then keeps looping on:

Initializing nautilus-share extension
Shutting down nautilus-share extension
Initializing nautilus-open-terminal extension
Shutting down nautilus-open-terminal extension

I can’t even Ctrl C out of it, it keeps going forever until I force quit terminal.

I’m running out of ideas here. Has 11.1 running multi-monitor fine and now finally decided to ditch Windows… Only to run into this. I may try KDE but prefer the feel of gnome.

Any ideas on how to get the panel back? Thanks!

Hit Ctrl-Alt-F1, log in as user and do this:

su -c ‘init 3’

su -c ‘sax2 -r -m0=nvidia’

Save and exit.

su -c ‘init 5 && exit’

Now sax2 should have created a new xorg.conf, giving you a proper desktop.

Thanks. What does sax do exactly compared to nvidia-settings?

As the three screens work fine, I thought the xorg.conf was fine too but I’ll give your idea a try.

I think you mean nvidia-xconfig. That’s the one creating a xorg.conf

But if it works OK, don’t fix it.

Well I meant the screens itself, and the mouse moving across the three screens works. But without a taskbar/panel and start menu, you can’t do much!

As everybody here seems to be ravng about KDE, I’m installing that now.

I had hoped the modern Suse’s and Buntu’s of this world wouldn’t need any command lining anymore just to get going. I guess we’re still not quite there yet, which is a shame.

Anyway, dankjewel!

I had the same problem on a quad monitor setup when upgrading from 11.2 to 11.3.

deleting (back up first if you have special settings) the directories in ~/.gconf/apps/panel

enabled the multiple displays regardless of the ‘Xinerama’ settings which I think get messed up during the temporary single-monitor setup. I also suspect some permissions issues may be involved.

while there’s probably a better way… $.02

hope it helps someone

btw, there was definitely some funky stuff going on after the reboot because I had auto-login on unknowingly after the upgrade.

I’ve just adjusted some rotations and its occurring again.