11.2/gnome flakey auto bootup & shutdown

Actually no most likely it will use different parts of memory. You should allow the memory checker to run at least over night. One pass will find bad memory but it takes many to flag flaky.

Thank you wise penguin,

kde4.3.1 has been running for a few days now with lots of reboots. So far it has run autologin successfully on every boot.

I did a complete new install - format everything. My file system is ext3 except for /boot which is ext2.

I have the time to let the memory test off the 11.2 DVD run overnight, so I’ll give that a try.

Will the memory test everyend or does it also require an esc to interrupt it? Heboland

It runs until you stop it.

Thank you Wise Penguine!

Sorry this response is late, but I couldn’t remember to start the memory test.

So today the memory test ran for about 9 hours and completed 13 passes with no errors.

To me that exonerates the memory error theory. There may be a problem in the 11.2/gnome autologin in the SW on my DVD. With dial-up I won’t be upgrading until 11.3.

With the kde 4.3.1 on my DVD the autoboot works and I have the other kde 4.3.1 warts under control. I don’t see a need to continue this thread farther. Heboland