11.2 Display needs to move to the left.

Need to shift display 3.4cm to 4cm to the left.

I have four computers hooked up via a KVM. On all of them except the computer in question the video is displayed properly. They all are Nvidia cards. I ran SaX2 but it doesn’t have any way of tweaking the video over that I can see. I haven’t installed the nvidia package yet but it doesn’t have it either. Hitting the auto adjustment on the monitor every time I select this machine on the KVM isn’t the answer. How do I get to the old video adjustment screen?

By default there is no xorg.conf in 11.2
Somewhat confusing for some. Though if you have, and some find it necessary to do so, run sax2, you may have a xorg.conf.

11.2 is suppoed to auto configure and it does. Well it does for me and many others. It you have an nvidia card you might want to install that driver.
sax is available from the kicker menu but it’s not in yast any more.

This may provide useful info too
openSUSE Graphic Card Practical Theory Guide for Users - openSUSE Forums

From reading the article at the link it look as as if there is not adjustment allowed any more. No “arrows” to adjust in the setup screen like there used to be. This Nvidia 6200 card isn’t that bad the registration is just off and its a brand new card.

Bummer, looks like the new way of doing things means you can’t tweak the video settings if necessary as it is in this case. I am starting to think that regular home users are getting left by the wayside to make it more convenient for Corporations with tons of identical Dells and everything locked down with one desktop look and feel.

This needs to be adjusted on the video card end not the monitor end. 3 other computers video cards display the video image in the identical fashion. This one does not.

I have been a Linux enduser for 10 years. I don’t like the road all Linux distros have decided to go down. Looks like there is no freedom going to be left in free and open source software after a while.

> I don’t like the road all Linux distros have decided to go down.

you may need to build and offer the FlameBait Distro…there is still
plenty of digital-ink available at

do it and watch it zoom from number 300+ to first place (meanwhile,
openSUSE is steady at number four)

by the way, are you sure all linux distros have gone the way you do
not like??? or just the top four, or 104??


palladium thanks. You were quite helpful. My display moved exactly zero centimeters to the left.

You don’t think so, but the NVIDIA driver could very well do the job. It does at least at dozens of off-screen screens I’ve seen.
It will give you ‘nvidia-xconfig’ as well, so you might find the needed settings.

Its very better with the Nvidia drvier from “community”. I need to go the smallest fraction to the right now but its very much better. Looks good after “automatic adjustment” to that system across all three of the systems I have booted. As good as I can expect from a 6200 I think not any good chips in AGP in the places I shop online. Should I save the x configuration in the Nvidia Configuration tool or not?

Now I may or may not have heck to play if I get a kernel update. But I know that and have been there and think I can do that again.

I consider it done then.

When I said earlier:

It you have an nvidia card you might want to install that driver.
You obviously the dry humour in my suggestion.:slight_smile:
It’s a givenlol!

Good to know did make the move and things are better.

FlameBait wrote:
> palladium thanks. You were quite helpful. My display moved exactly zero
> centimeters to the left.

wow! i wrote what i did because you had already been told how to fix
it (by caf4926) and yet went off on a tirade on how all the linux
distros are going the wrong direction…

you set the stage, take your pick:

  1. you ask, get answer, say it worked (or not) and thank you
  2. you ask, ignore answer, attack wildly–others retort and/or retaliate

Ubuntu is an African word meaning “I can’t set up Debian.”


You do realize the KVM switch may be contributory to your issues? Most KVMs don’t completely transmit the DDC data, and then they try to emulate some part of that data back to the box when the monitor is switched elsewhere, to keep the DDC talk with your cpu alive.

But it sounds like you’ve got things working.



Yes that may be a issue. I have had suspicions about the health of this switch recently. Its almost ten years old.

It got enough data to identify the monitor, model and current resolution this time. It think it may more be this cheap card needing the real Nvidia driver this time. nv wasn’t good enough for it.