[11.2] bug KDE(4.4) Screen Locker

Yestarday I read somewhere about bug with gnome-screensaver
the point is when you press enter some times in password field you got a
screensaver crash.

I found that same issue can be repeared with KDE Screen Locker

I check on my two systems (I reproduce this 3-5 times on every system)
both opensuse 11.2 x86-64
KDE 4.4 from unstable repository

How you can repropduce

  1. unlock current session
  2. put cursor in password
  3. press enter some times, till KDE screen locker has a crash

you got a unlock without password


Didencool Andrey wrote:

> 1. unlock current session
lock session i mean

и всех благ

I can reproduce in Factroy.
Did you fill bugreport?

Found KDE bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=226730
Please, confirm.