11.2 Applying Desktop Effects Freezes System

Hi All,

I tried to enable desktop effects and my system froze. Now it freezes whenever I try to login. Can anyone tell me which file I need to edit to reverse the setting or how to revert to default settings without the GUI?


Are you kde or gnome

KDE 4.3.1. I’ve never used GNome.

At the CLI login, login with your user name and password and do this:

*mv /home/username/.kde4 .kde4-old

(*username) replace with your login username)
Hit enter

Then type: startx Hit enter

Alternative you can remove;

Which contains the [Compositing] rule.

Excellent! Setting Enabled=false in the kwinrc fixed everything.

Thanks very much…

Good to know. You did well sorting that. I was sending you the long road. Fortunately Heidi displaying her usual flair - put you right on it.:wink: