11.2 and Free Basic Compiler

This isn’t a show stopper, more a case of interest.

I’ve just updated from 11.0/XP dual boot to 11.2/11.0 dual (separate
/home partitions with a common ~/Documents), so that I can get to grips
with KDE4 etc. while maintaining a stable KDE3 system - both 11.0 and
11.2 are 64bit.

I have a continuously evolving “Topsy” project (it just grows :slight_smile: ), for
which I use KATE and FBC for the upgrade cycle, that I have been using
for a while under 11.0, with a menu entry to invoke the program in a
terminal window, and have continued in 11.2 in the same manner. However,
whilst the 11.0 menu entry is well behaved, 11.2 randomly requires
“enter” to start the process after the terminal window appears and
before the first request for input. Output of a blank line before the
input request has no effect.

It seems that, most commonly, the first “run” is fine and subsequent
“runs” during that login session require “enter”.

Any comments?