11.2 and encrypted LVM setup.

When installing Opensuse 11.2, I chose to use encrypted partitions for my data. When attempting to create these partitions, the installer fails. I thought it may have been because /boot was ext4, but changing it to ext3 didn’t solve it. The error number is 3034.

Any ideas?


i had some problems to (partition setup didn’t use all of available diskspace), followed the instructions in this old link openSUSE Lizards » encrypted root file system on LVM and it worked.

Regards, user2304

That’s alright, I just switched to Fedora. Thank you for helping though.

I have a similar problem. You need to fix two fstab file and crypttab. After that all will work.
The problem in changing the names of devices (sda1-> sdb1 …?) after installation (or upgrade).