11.2 Alpha 0 eth0 does not work

My NIC is a Broadcom NetLink BMC5906, the linux driver is tg3. It has not worked in any of the factory snapshots I have tried.

When using the NET isos, the online repositories were never found, and when in KDE4, network manager plasmoid says “eth0 unavailable”. I have tried disabling IPv6, and I have tried using ifup. Neither works.

I couldn’t find a bug report, but that could be due to user-error :). Googleing lead to trying with susefirewall turned off, but that didn’t work either.

Any ideas?

I came across this bug: Bug 11147 - tg3 + jumbo frames + scatter-gather == inoperative NIC after some more googleing, so I disabled scatter/gather, but stll no luck :frowning: