11.1 X64. KDE 3.5.XX where is the KDE Control Center?

I am migrating from Mandriva to OpenSuSE and am trying to configure the behavior of my desktop. Where is the KDE control center? I have looked and I can’t find it.

Since my old /home directory was not formatted even though I told the partition tool to do so I have some flakeyness associated with Konqueror sometimes when it tries to launch. I need to change my browser and email associations to Mozilla and Thunderbird which I use.

Reinstalling is not fixing it.

System Settings in menu, IIRC

Nope nothing there. I did managed to get to it by adding it to the Panel. Thunderbird had been set as the Email client automagicly :slight_smile: adding firefox %u for HTTP and HTTPS in the “Component Chooser” fixed the other bit So thanks microchip8.