11.1 Wrong Digest

Hoping someone can suggest a cause (& resolution) to this.

I have had 11.1 (KDE3.5) running quite happily for a few months on my laptop (Thinkpad T42). A couple of weeks ago I started getting “Wrong Digest” (mismatched checksum) errors when trying to run Online Update or adding new software.

As I had just put the KDE4 re-spin on my T43, I decided that maybe the install was just a bit old and so I would replace the original 11.1 on the T42 with the KDE4 re-spin to get rid of the Wrong Digest errors without having to do an install and full update from the original 11.1.

Once the install was complete i fired up the brand new KDE4 Re-spin on the T42 and, having configured Online Update, set it running…and almost immediately got a Wrong Digest error.

The same install from the same CD and with its default Repository settings works just fine on the T43, but on this T42 is behaving exactly as the original 11.1 was.

I’ve cleared out the default repositories and re-entered them: same result, Wrong Digest. So I performed another clean install of the KDE4 re-spin, deleted the default repositories and set up just the Update repository, pointing directly at a (known) European mirror instead of letting “download…” figure out a local mirror.

First shot at running Online Update and “Wrong Digest The expected checksum of file /var/cache/zypp/packages/11.1/rpm/noarch/desktop-translations-11.1.noarch.rpm is…but the current checksum is…”

Why can’t I copy/paste from the error msg?:frowning:

The same install (albeit already updated since install about 4 weeks ago) still updates and adds ok on the other laptop…attached to the same network and same ISP.

So, any ideas why my T42 should be mis-behaving and what needs to be done to fix it? Now, given that I’ve pointed at a known good mirror (mirrorservice.org) and that I’m only looking at the Update repository I guess it would be safe to just go ahead even with wrong checksums…but that’s not really addressing the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Oh and btw the same laptop (which has a 6 month old hdd in it) also has Win XP Pro, OpenSolaris and Fedora 11 which all run (and update) just fine.

So the lack of response plus the fact I can only find this thread which seems to bear an relation suggests I have a unique problem?

For info, here’s the output of zypper lr (as noted I have deleted all repositories and only re-entered Update

# | Alias | Name | Enabled | Refresh
1 | 11.1  | 11.1 | Yes     | Yes

I’ve done an rpmdb rebuild and decided to try & update from CLI (instead of YAST) to see if that gave any more hints, resultant output being

Retrieving: kernel-default-base- [done (48.8 K/s)]
Digest verification failed for kernel-default-base- Expected 542ee1d0c1b2ef9da8dc21a94a8106e46232aa96, found d6eb870409c726e9bd4784b8d5bdfcacf4a6c187. Continue? [yes/NO]:

So it falls over on a different package checksum error.

Am I missing something really obvious here?



Are you able to open Yast - Software - Repositories.

If you can, add the oss and non-oss repo’s from here
Package Repositories - openSUSE

You need to set Updates to to priority 20
oss & non-oss to 120
The OK/Accept to finish in there.

Now open a terminal and become su and do:

zypper ref

and if that works, then do

zypper up

Hi Caf
Thanks for the response.
Adding the repositories per your suggestion gets as far as “refreshing metadata” then YAST throws another “Wrong Digest” error,


So I didn’t even get as far as completing your suggestion.

The odd thing is, this began when I was running OpenSuse 11.1 (original) on this machine and is continuing with the 11.1 KDE4 “re-spin” freshly installed on newly formatted partitions. Now that would suggest a possible mirror synch error (which is why I allowed only Updates and specifically pointed at a mirror I expect to work). But exactly the same 11.1/KDE4 from the same CD works & updates just fine on another machine, whether the repositores are pointed at specific mirrors or are left to figure themselves out (i.e. generic url)

So you can see why I am somewhat confused :\



If you use super user file manager and go to: /var/cache/zypp

Any folder inside there (I have: packages, raw, solv) rename them eg: packages_old

see what happens

Hmmm, I obviously need to learn how to use this message board as well:

This image was supposed to be in my previous msg :shame:

Same 3 folders as you have; renamed as old_*; re-started adding 2 repositories; Wrong Digest error at same point (refreshing metadata)

But this time KDE can’t launch snapshot to capture the message - but it’s the same ~/packages.en.gz reporting a bad checksum.

If this wasn’t a new hdd (with 3 other OSs behaving perfectly, well at least “as expected” !) and fresh partitioning I’d be suspecting a bad disk.



Stranger yet, only 2 of the 3 folders have been re-created (raw & solv) and neither the newly created folders (directories) nor the renamed “old” ones actually seem to contain the referenced sub-directory or file - allowing hidden files to be viewed.


You can put those folders back now by deleting anything new and change the _old back to original

Did you ever try ignoring the warning and answer yes?

Well ignoring the warning isn’t going to break things any more I guess !! Just goes against the grain somewhat. Here’s an apparent security warning so I was hoping to understand and fix the underlying problem.

Logic suggests if it’s a repository/mirror synch issue then my other machine should be affected too; logic can’t really help with how I get the same symptoms on 2 different installs on one box, unless it’s machine-related…in which case how come the other OS’s are working.

I’ll go ahead and ignore the digest/checksum warnings & see where that takes us; I suppose there is a chance that some zypper/yast security update out there will actually fix it - just expected to have heard about it somewhere.

Thanks for your input & will get back with an update in the near future.



Update as promised:

Went back to my “original” 11.1 DVD and did a clean install to fresh partitions; ran the update…Wrong Digest error !

Decided to go ahead and accept file with wrong checksum and got a “file broken or corrupt, try again?” prompt; chose try again and it seemed to work.

After about a two dozen of the same errors on different packages and one which needed 3 “try again” attempts, all the updates are applied.

Re-assuringly (?) the 11.1/KDE4 install on my other machine also threw a “Wrong Digest” error updating/refreshing the repositories so at least it’s not unique to one machine.

So now I’m wondering if it’s an upstrem network timing issue either with our local ISP or maybe our one sub-sea link to the rest of the world has sprung a leak somewhere in the Pacific :sarcastic:

Although I have noticed a couple of other threads sprung up around update issues today…

I’m satisfied my installs are not security compromised, and if I need to install new software I guess I’ll just need to try a few attempts - or take an overseas trip and plug the machine in somewhere else !


Latest update to this saga…

Both installs (11.1 “original” on machine a and 11.1/KDE4 re-spin) are continuing to return “wrong Digest” errors.

Deleted the repos on 11.1 and re-entered using a different (West Coast USA) mirror - on updating/refreshing the list got this (pulled from Yast log)

2009-08-05 16:31:25 <1> t42-suse(6782) [YCP] clients/repositories.ycp:871 LastError: openSUSE_11.1-0: |] Failed to cache repo (4).
 - 'repo2solv.sh' '-o' '/var/cache/zypp/solv/openSUSE_11.1-0/solv' '/var/cache/zypp/raw/openSUSE_11.1-0'
susetags: bad line: 890453: =Pkg: pt16100

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

gzip: stdout: Broken pipe

I think something is broken then?

But more convinced this is related to upstream network problems (caching?) than something inherent in Suse, as my Fedora updater took an age to do its stuff today. Pulling a random download from somewhere works just fine so I’m now going to grab 11.2 (whatever current milestone) ISO and throw that on yet a different machine…


Thought I should update this and show it never was a “Suse” issue:

After a few exchanges with my ISP, including them checking their caching configuration and offering to set up by-passing (which I thought was pretty helpful of them), we came back to a local infrastructure check. They despatched a tech with a replacement cable modem (despite the stats looking ok) and while on-site he pronounced the cable from the street-cab to the house as “beyond its use-by date” (polite translation by me) so they’re going to replace it FOC. It is good to be able to report great service from an ISP; TelstraClear NZ btw.

And in the last few days I have noticed a general deterioration, even loading web pages is noticeably slow, and I’ve managed to get a couple of “Integrity Check Failed” messages on d/l’s for Windows apps (namely a T-bird client update, Filezilla and Seagate’s Seatools).

So it seems OpenSuse is just that bit more robust in its file integrity checking and reacted to an underlying WAN cabling issue quicker than anything else !

Once we’ve got a new bit of wire nailed in (!) I’ll refresh the repo & RPM db’s and we should be good to go.

Thanks for the advice received & sorry/glad it wasn’t a Suse problem after all.

Thanks for filling us in;)